Livres en français

  Cognetti Dolpo 2019-FR

P. Cognetti (2019) - Sans jamais atteindre le sommet

Dolpo pays cache Dolpo Amchi Namgyal Rinpoche

Dolpo Amchi Namgyal Rinpoché (2014) - Dolpo, le pays caché

PDF file icon Dolpo: The Hidden Land

Dugas Dolpo secret

F. Dugas (2012) - Dolpo secret - Dolpo sacré, sur les chemins de la turquoise de vie

  bouddha du dolpo

C. Stearns (2005) - Le bouddha du Dolpo

la montagne de cristal

Tenzin Norbu Lama, M.-C. Gentric (2003) - La montagne de cristal

himalaya le chemin du leopard

Tenzin Norbu Lama, S. Frattini (2002) - Himalaya, le chemin du léopard

  valli himalaya enfance un chef

E. Valli, D. Kellner (2001) - Himalaya, l'enfance d'un chef

Valli deSalles Himalaya 2001

E. Valli, A. de Salles (2001) - Himalaya

norbu himalaya enfance un chef

Tenzin Norbu Lama (2000) - Himalaya, l'enfance d'un chef

  les voyageurs du sel

E. Valli, D. Summers (1996) - Les voyageurs du sel

les vallees de l oubli

J. Hess, P. Montillier (1994) - Dolpo, les vallées de l'oubli

le leopard des neiges

P. Matthiessen (1991) - Le léopard des neiges

  dolpo pays cache

E. Valli, D. Summers (1988) - Dolpo, le pays caché

Turquoise de Vie

C. Jest (1985) - La turquoise de vie

les pierres du silence

G. Schaller (1983) - Les pierres du silence

  Dolpo communautes de langue tibetaine du Nepal

C. Jest (1975) - Dolpo, communautés de langue tibétaine du Népal

Tarap une vallee dans himalaya

C. Jest (1974) - Tarap, une vallée dans l'Himalaya


Livres en anglais

  Hinze GHT ENG 2021 icon

P. Hinze (2020, ENG Ed.) - The Great Himalaya Trail: 1,864 kilometers through Nepal's endangered mountains, bidding farewell to a world threatened by civilization and climate change

Schauch Story of Karma 2020 icon

M. Schauch (2020) - A Story of Karma: Finding Love and Truth in the Lost Valley of the Himalaya

Cognetti Dolpo 2020-ENG

P. Cognetti (2020) - Without Ever Reaching the Summit: A Journey

  yak girl

Dorje Dolma (2018) - Yak Girl: Growing Up in the Remote Dolpo Region of Nepal

Dhakal Beyond the Himalayas 2017

P. Dhakal (2017) - Beyond the Himalayas: A Travelogue of Dolpo and Mustang of Nepal

pauler dolpo

G. Pauler (2015) - Dolpo: People and Landscape

  Druker Beyond the Cloud 2008 2013

P. Druker (2013) - Beyond the Clouds: Trekking in the Hidden Land of Dolpo

Climbing beyond Crystal Mountain

Karma Gurung (2013) - Climbing Beyond Crystal Mountain: A Wild Adventure into the Heart of the Himalayas

bon landscape

M. Kind (2012) - The Bon Landscape of Dolpo: Pilgrimages, Monasteries, Biographies and the Emergence of Bon

  hidden treasures of the himalayans

A. Heller (2009) - Hidden Treasures of the Himalayas: Tibetan Manuscripts, Paintings and Sculptures of Dolpo

dolpo hidden paradise

K. Sakya (2007) - Dolpo: The Hidden Paradise

high frontiers

K. Bauer (2004) - High Frontiers: Dolpo and the Changing World of Himalayan Pastoralists

  Schaeffer Himalayan Hermitess 2004

K. Schaeffer (2004) - Himalayan Hermitess: The Life of a Tibetan Buddhist Nun

clear sky red earth

S. Craig, Tenzin Norbu (2004) - Clear Sky, Red Earth

NorbuLama Frattini Secrets of the snow leopard 2004

Tenzin Norbu Lama, S. Frattini (2004) - Secret of the Snow Leopard

  children of dolpo

P. Crowell, B. J. Euser (2003) - Children of Dolpo

Kind Mendrub 2002

M. Kind (2002, 2012) - Mendrub: A Bonpo Ritual for the Benefit of all Living Beings and for the Empowerment of Medicine Performed in Tsho, Dolpo

NorbuLama Himlaya 2002

Tenzin Norbu Lama (2002) - Himalaya

  buddha from dolpo

C. Stearns (1999, 2010) - The Buddha from Dölpo

tales of turquoise

C. Jest (1998) - Tales of the Turquoise

Valli Summers Caravans of the Himalaya 1995

E. Valli, D. Summers (1995) - Caravans of the Himalaya

  vanishing tracks

D. Hillard (1990) - Vanishing Tracks: Four Years Among the Snow Leopards of Nepal

Valli Summers Dolpo Hidden Land of the Himalayas 1998

E. Valli, D. Summers (1988) - Dolpo: Hidden Land of the Himalayas

stones of silence

G. Schaller (1980) - Stones of Silence

  snow leopard

P. Matthiessen (1978) - The Snow Leopard

dolpo the world behind the himalayas

K. Sakya (1978) - Dolpo: The World Behind the Himalayas

nine ways of bon

D. Snellgrove (1967) - The Nine Ways of Bon

  four lamas

D. Snellgrove (1967) - Four Lamas of Dolpo

himalayan pilgrimage

D. Snellgrove (1961) - Himalayan Pilgrimage

buddhist himalaya

D. Snellgrove (1957) - Buddhist Himalaya


DVD (film, documentaire, etc.)


A. Anzani (2017) - My Friend Tenzin Norbu

Les jours de Tarap

H. Tiberghien (2013) - Les jours de Tarap

enfants de la tarap

A. Agnel (2012) - Enfants de la Tarap


M. Hoffmann (2010) - Dolpo Tulku - Heimkehr in Den Himalaya

dolpo enfants de la montagne

P. Combroux (2002) - Dolpo, les enfants de la montagne

ecole sur toit du monde

C. Ramage (1996) - Une école sur le toit du monde

  himalaya enfance d un chef

E. Valli (1999) - Himalaya, l'enfance d'un chef

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